Why Does Yahoo Cannot Recognize My Email?


There have been complaints from several users that Yahoo is not able to identify their mail which means they face problems like Yahoo does not recognize my email address. Don’t worry we are giving you the solutions to solve the issue you just have to follow it carefully.

Steps to fix the issues that you are facing –

  • For the first step, the users have to go to the official sign-in page of the Yahoo helper page.
  • After doing the same the users have to select one of the following options to proceed to fix the Yahoo error problem –
  1. Login Email ID or phone number
  2. The recovery phone number
  3. The recovery email address
  • In the next step, you have to follow the steps or the instructions given on the screen to solve the problem of “Sorry we don’t recognize this email”.
  • Once the steps are completed the Yahoo will initiate the process to recover your Yahoo mail account.

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