Know Why outlook contacts not syncing with iPhone

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Reasons for outlook on iphone not updating: 


There can be many reasons for it such as technical error with the device or outlook mail server down or virus or bugs or inaccurate configuration settings and so on.


Ways to fix the issue: outlook contacts not syncing with iphone:


Force-quit and Re-open the App method can help by bringing up the app switcher and then users can swipe away the Outlook app card to relaunch Outlook.


Reset or Reinstall the Email Account/App:  to fix any technical issues, users must try updating the app or reinstalling it again to operate it smoothly and try to sync the contacts again.


Unhide Calendars means users must try setting up the email account without adding or using IMAP. This may be the reason that calendars were hidden.


Check Sync Settings improper sync settings can affect and lead to the issue of outlook contacts not syncing with iphone.


Provide Permissions and allow all permissions when asked to the users to save the contacts and sync the contacts with the Outlook mail account to avoid the issue.


Restarting the iOS Device to solve the issue of outlook on iPhone not updating, rebooting the device always works for any technical issue.