How to Fix Live com mail login issue

    The Possible Reasons & Solutions for the Live com mail login issues are given below:


  1. Users can try fixing the Internet and network connection on the device to Fix Live com mail login issues.


  1. In case the Live Mail Account has been hacked, users must try to reset the password or contact the customer care service regarding the issue.


  1. Update the Web Browser or App, when they are outdated and the user is operating on that outdated version of the Live Mail App or Web browser and there can be other reasons such as any other technical issue, users must try to change the web browser or change the device in this case.


  1. When users forgot the password or needed to reset the password as the account was hacked.

        Users can try the following steps to reset their password to Fix Live com mail login issue:


  • From the Live Mail Sign-in page, enter the username and Click on Forgot my password option.

  • Select the suitable reason to reset the password and enter the Captcha accurately and click on the Next option.

  • Click on send recovery code option and from the registered alternative email address, click on the recovery link and reset the password accordingly.